Accelerate Your IT for Better Business Results

Published on Monday, 07 April 2014

With the emergence of cloud computing, big data and IT consumerization, many data centers and organizations have redesigning their IT infrastructure. One of the biggest drivers within the modern data center is to design an environment capable of scalability, agility and of course efficiency. In creating such an infrastructure, many organizations are working with new types of converged technologies which can help achieve greater amounts of density.

Based on a recent IDC study, customers who have implemented a converged infrastructure have been able to:

  • Shift more than 50 percent of their IT resources from operations to innovation—flipping the ratio from 70 percent of your people and budget focused on operations to 70 percent dedicated to innovation to improve customers’ experience, increase employee productivity, and make the business more competitive.
  • Cut time to provision applications by 75 percent. Based on the IDC research study, it takes IT organizations 20+ days to deploy a new application in traditional environments—and only five days in a converged infrastructure—a 75 percent decrease.
  • Reduce downtime by 97 percent. Go from an average of 10 hours of downtime per year down to less than 20 minutes.

There are truly direct benefits in working with evolving converged infrastructure solutions. HP’s Converged Infrastructure is able to offer data centers the flexibility and capability to expand as needed. The core functions of a data center are all tied into one framework where management overhead is reduced and efficiency is increased.


[Image source: HP - Accelerate your IT for better business results]

Download HP’s white paper on the HP Converged infrastructure to see how this technology can bring direct benefits to your organization. This includes:

  • Accelerate innovation
  • Accelerate responsiveness
  • Accelerate cloud
  • Accelerate security
  • Accelerate disaster recovery
  • Accelerate ROI

In HP’s white paper, you are able to see how intelligent and efficient technologies – like the converged infrastructure – can not only improve management processes; the infrastructure can also help drive business, reduce operating risks and lower costs.